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You need to submit your name, address, postal code,& phone number. You need the same information for the person you are requesting the quilt for.

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The KVQG Victoria Quilt's Committee continues to be busy, having delivered approximately 90 quilts in 2016. At each Guild meeting, the VQ table has kits for blocks, quilts or bags to give out to willing volunteers.  The group meets weekly to organize fabric, sew, put kits together and have the very best lunches!

Here are a few photos taken in February 2017:

Victoria Quilt Day - May 2015

We had a fun day quilting tops on our machines.  The Victoria Quilt girls have an overabundance of tops with no one to quilt them.  Some of us had never machine quilted a quilt this size (50 x 70) so it was a learning experience.  Thanks to everyone who participated.

General Information

Many of the Guild Members have asked about the Victoria Quilt Sizes - so we have listed them below for your convenience:

Adult 50" X 70" 

Quilts for men are more difficult to come by for distribution.  So we are trying to split the patterns and colours to make the quilts more generic to cover both venues.